Sam Simeone Real Estate

Licensed by The Louisiana Real Estate Commission

2301 Oriole Street
New Orleans, LA 70122

Sam Simeone is one of the hardest working realtors I have known. He is well versed and learns all he can about sellers and buyers of the property. He makes himself available at all times and works tirelessly even after the sale.

I would recommend and have recommended Mr. Simeone to anyone interested in buying or selling a house.
  Jeannie D'A. Foster
  New Orleans, LA

I never thought I would ever find my dream home until Sam became my broker. He found me the perfect old New Orleans house to renovate for my Bed and Breakfast, and it didn't flood during Katrina!
  Lynne Kurilovitch
  Old Gentilly, New Orleans, LA

I have known Sam Simone for five years. He has been active in a real estate investor group that I have been a member of. I have found him to be honest, hardworking, and successful in his real estate brokerage business. Sam has sold inner city doubles for me as well as an eight-unit commercial uilding. In addition, I bought a single family resident home that he had listed. I remodeled the home and he sold it for me. He did a fantastic job of marketing these properties and getting them sold without a lot of hassle and involvement on my part. He also was able to get the prices that I had hoped for.

Sam joined the New Orleans Real Estate Board several years ago after being an independent broker for many years. Unlike most real estate professionals, Sam does not list the property and hope that some other agent will sell it for him. Instead, selling the listing himself is a challenge and he wants to sell his
listing before someone in the Multi Listing Service (MLS), sells it. He accomplishes this challenge
without deception to the other companies and without violating the Real Estate Board’s policies.

If you are in need of a dedicated real estate professional, I highly recommend Sam Simone without

  Homer Benton
  Metairie, LA

Sam Simeone sold my property located at 6380 Canal Blvd. in New Orleans in the summer of 2005. Sam took care of getting the buyer financing, and every detail one can imagine - I was very happy with the end result.
  Randy Rosenberg
  New Orleans, LA